Conference hall

Conference hall

Area - 110 square meters
Possibilities for arrangement of the hall:

• theater type - up to 80 seats;
• classroom type - up to 40 seats;
• U-shaped - up to 40 seats.

Equipment: The conference hall is equipped with a flipchart, sound equipment, multimedia and console.

The conference hall is one of the few in Sofia with enough daylight and direct access to the outdoor garden. The natural light improves the conditions for the perception of information, brings more coziness and freshness in the atmosphere and helps the participants in the events feel more concentrated and productive.

The direct access to the magnificent City Avenue Garden makes coffee breaks extremely popular. The setting predisposes participants to conversations and new contacts.

To the excellent conditions for conducting trainings, presentations and events, we also add the opportunity to serve to your guests lunch and dinner in our elegant restaurant, to serve fresh and tasty coffee breaks, to organize cocktails.

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